Welcome to the resources page. Here you will find some of my personal works that I have created and wish to share, as well as essays submitted by others working within the Primal Current.

They will cover a broad range of topics, and will from now on be where all the larger, more unwieldy ritual write ups and larger essays will primarily be located. Hopefully this will make them easier to read, and also allow them to be downloaded and saved for personal use / reading.

My Personal Works


Everything written here is presented as is. All has been carried out as written, and these are my own personal experiences during such works. They are listed in order of upload, hopefully acting as a timeline to show how concepts have evolved and developed over time.

I take no responsibility for anyone who decides to follow or recreate anything in these posts/pdfs. It is up to the reader to show discretion and only attempt what they personally feel ready for, and the benefits / repercussions that arise due to their actions they are responsible for alone.

This work is also my own, and as such I am providing it under the following conditions. I want to share, as that is what the site is about, but it can often be that such good intentions are abused or otherwise misunderstood.  As such, all my work is distributed by the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

Only text, sigils, symbols and images created/channeled by me, as well as photographs within the document are covered by the above license; please remember that other pieces of text, sigils, symbols and images are either in the public domain, used under the clause of fair use, or where I have specifically requested the authors permission to include them. Permission to include someones text, or artwork does not necessarily imply they agree with views contained within my works or agree to its reuse elsewhere.

If in doubt, feel free to email me, as it is likely they are licensed differently.

More information on this license can be found here –

With that out of the way…

01 – Temple of Ascending Flame – Project One 2013 write-up

Earlier this year I participated in the first open project of the year run by the Temple of Ascending Flame. It was a series of guided meditations and invocations utilising blood magick. The working called for three workings with each conducted over the course of two nights, with a night in between each for rest and recuperation. It was productive, and I saw many interesting visions, sigils and signs over those days, which I marked down for future exploration and opening.

ToAF 2013 Project 1 REVISED

02 – Personal Work – Spirit Box Creation Write-Up

For Samhain 2013, I decided to create a spirit box to create a physical link which could enhance my connection with the Scythe Bearing Lords of Death and the Mighty Dead. This proved a highly interesting project, and I felt that detailing it was necessary to be able to share how I approached necromantic work and magick in general at that time. This PDF file contains all the details I could reasonably write about whilst keeping on task, so it is rather comprehensive.

Spirit Box Creation

03 – Personal Work – Seven Day Ritual For Unleashing the Black Fire

Samhain 2014 saw me detailing a much earlier, more personal work of mine that first helped me get into contact with Lucifer. I rewrote this ritual with the more advanced knowledge I had gained over the previous years for an acquaintance, but believe it also is worth sharing publicly. The ritual focuses around unlocking / stoking the hidden flame of Lucifer within the practitioner  with the goal of reconnecting them  with the Gods and through this releasing them from external and internal restriction to unlock their potential with Lucifers assistance. It was a very similar ritual to this that saw me begin my own path in earnest, and I hope it helps anyone who wishes a closer connection with Lucifer grow and develop.

Seven Day Ritual for Unleashing the Black Fire

04 – Personal Work – Samhain Sabbat Ritual – The Dead Supper

Samhain 2014 also saw me write, and perform a Dead Supper ritual for a local Pagan group, aided by a Germanic Heathen friend of mine known as  Kagekabuki. This saw a syncretic rite peformed under the auspices of Hecate, Lucifer, Woden and Hel, after two divinations confimed the syncreticism was valid. This ritual has the the dual purpose of contacting and revering the spirits of the Mighty Dead, alongside that travelling to the Sabbat mount to receive personal and group gnosis and celebrate alongside them in spiritual form.  The ritual involves the performance of a traditional Dead Supper, and can be seen as a variant of that rite with both Path of Flames and Heathen influences.

Samhain – The Dead Supper

05 – Personal Work – Empowering Familiars

The first in a series of two works dealing with the creation of artificial familial bodies. The first entry deals with the creation of a spirit familiar, using the technique of empowerment. By using magical metamorphosis to raise up the spirit of a suitable vessel, a reliable companion on the Path of Flames is successfully raised to carry out the set purposes of the Practitioner. In this document the creation process alone is detailed. In the future works, methods of working with the familiars created through this process will hopefully be further espoused. In this work is the first recount of my own current version of the circle creation process, based upon my own experiences merged with the version as lain out in the Queen of Hell by Mark Alan Smith to create a method that for myself is very effective.

Empowering Familiars

06 – Personal Work – Enlinking Familiars

The last in a series of two works dealing with the creation and linking of familiars. This second entry deals with the enlinking of a spirit familiar, using a specific technique past by Hecate via gnosis of her Stellar Eye. It details the rite as it was carried out by myself. By using the personal seal and sigils given by Hecate, the primary familiar or other familiar was bound to create a deeply personal, powerful spirit house. This powerful and direct link provides an avenue for working intimately with the linked familiar on an external basis, and empowers the relationship between spirit and witch. Through the completion of this rite as well as the earlier empowering rites, unique gnosis will be delivered opening up further personal avenues of exploration.

Enlinking Familiars

07 – Personal Work – Crafting the Blade of Arte

A small document covering the creation of a working blade for the Trident Witchcraft, based off my own working methodology. This will hopefully be of use to those who are trying to build up a set of working tools for this arte. Focus is placed heavily on the practitioner to ensure it is attuned to the wielder and suitable for the task at hand, and topics of how to anoint the blade to create a strong link are covered.

Crafting the Blade of Arte

08 – Personal Work – The Familial Snakes of Divine Healing

A pdf covering encountering and working with the extremely powerful healing serpents which can be found upon the trident path. The document covers how they can be called through the use of a crystal or stone, and through pact and in Hecates name worked with to induce powerful healing effects. The possibility of continued work with them, forming a relationship with the serpent spirit as familiar, is also detailed.

The Familial Snakes of Divine Healing

Reader Submitted Works

Below are reader submitted works that I feel of paramount importance to share.


Note all subsequent works are written by other devotees. Their views and opinions are not necessarily my own, and they are provided as is.

They have been gifted to The Luciferian Revolution by the authors directly and permission given for distribution, with all rights reserved, to get their voices heard. If anyone wants to share them or otherwise publish them elsewhere outside of downloading for personal enjoyment, please contact me so I can directly relay you on to the author of the individual work so permission can be granted.

01 – Ryan SK – The Macrocosmic Apocalypse of Man

A rather large and detailed essay detailing the current apocalyptic aeon man finds itself within. The essay addresses the role Hecate, Lucifer, Belial and Sepheranz have to play in this age, as indicated to the author via personal connection with Sepheranz herself. I feel this piece is an excellent introduction to the apocalyptic gnosis that is being returned by the spirits at large and helps make it approachable for those also who are not of the current. This excellent work can be found below, and I kindly thank Ryan for allowing it to be shared on this blog.

The Macrocosmic Apocalypse of Man by Ryan SK




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  1. Bro that was great I really love that an I want to be part of the temple an I want a help form some an I have been scam so many times so am ready for it please

    • Im afraid that I do not have any day to day interaction with the Temple in Spain, nor am I it’s Gatekeeper. There is no ‘organisation’ for Primal Craft.. it is made of individual, networked devotees.

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