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Holy Gatekeeping: Of Worms and Parasites

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Authors note: This article has been updated, see end for the update.

This is somewhat unexpected entry for me – I was not expecting to post again until post dragon ritual, but certain things have come to light which help illustrate previous topics, as well as the conscious teaching direction of the Stellar Temple.

It is no secret that certain Occult teachings are dangerous. My own tradition is full of them. If propagated irresponsibly, not taught properly, and not internalised correctly by a student of the Artes, it can lead to very sticky ends.

For years I have grown increasingly more and more worried about the propagation of various magickal teachings, in a way that is completely divorced from responsibility – to the Gods, to Others, and lastly to the Self.

Down the rabbit hole we go.. (artist unknown)

The most insufferable of these were (are) the various ‘dark’ occult orders or groups, steeped in badly veiled (or outright) neonazism devoid of any true teaching; many of these focusing on a ‘no gods, no masters’ form of toxic individualism. Most of these are marketed at the young, gullible and damaged who are desperately seeking something to identify with. Something that can ’empower’ them. Such people, seen as ‘easy marks’, are targeted via forums and various social media to be sold fast tracks to ’empowerment’ to line the pockets of these fake enlightened gurus.

Some people are targeted for more sinister purposes. Many of these people are at their core, misanthropes who have a real, malign streak – and enjoy seeing real pain and suffering. By putting these materials out, their goal was (and is) to inspire ‘real world action’ that ruins lives. Not just of the people who end up on the receiving end of the Occult inspired crimes, but the delusional people who carry out the attack; people who soon find out that the only outcome is a long prison sentence.

Some of most well known groups that engage in this particular practice are the Order of the Nine Angles, as well as the earlier forms of the Misanthropic Luciferian Order. None of that is new, and has gone on for decades. However, the incidents involving both have long been discussed to death in the community. So I’m going to pivot onto something (someone) else.

People who know me know I don’t really engage in drama – it is not something that I enjoy writing about, and feel wastes energy that could be put into the theurgic work as well as teaching it. But this example, is a great one for informing us on how to judge a school or tradition – just take a long hard look at the people and work it produces.

Enter Become a Living God.

For those who don’t know what Become a Living God is, I will simply simplify it down to saying it is the brand name for the work of Matthew Joseph Lawrence, also known as ‘E.A Koetting’. For the last few years, he and the people he has voraciously ‘collected’ have put out dubious material to say the least; material that has for the most part, has been the laughing stock of the magickal community.

Most of the criticisms of the work of him and some of his associates have put out, revolve around the lurid price fixing and used car salesmen approach to the selling of the material; not to mention the over the top marketing pitch stating if you only start practicing his ‘real black magick’, all your problems will go away.

The actual material however is not as often discussed. When delved into, it becomes something that is no longer a laughing matter, but is actually dangerous. The teachings of Koetting seem to align alot to the teachings of the ONA – including references to modern practices of human sacrifices against unwilling victims. Legitimate practices such as blood work, invocation, evocation possession are taught in a way that strips them of any safeguards and proper teaching that not only protects the individual, but from the consequences that can arise if they are NOT carried out properly. Sacrifice is ‘taught’ in the most debased way which robs it of its validity and sanity. An example of this lies in the references to animal sacrifices without due attention, nor concern of the animals well being or passing of the soul. In such a way, the way to a real serious curse is opened by anyone dumb enough to actually follow this work. It only gets worse.

It would be easy to say then, on top of the above, that expectations of people taught by someone who was busted for meth possession shouldn’t be particularly high (pardon the pun). However it recently hit a new high (low) with the case of Danyal Hussein, in the United Kingdom. This young lad, barely turned 18, following the teachings of E.A Koetting went to a London park and murdered two innocent women ‘for the mighty king Lucifuge Rofocale’. Ostensibly this was for him to win the lottery, living a life of pleasure – murder was only the small price to pay afterall.

The agreement he signed in his own blood, to Lucifuge, had a clause that would ostensibly protect him from the Police. Obviously, this pact was clearly rejected, as they duly smashed his door in on the 1st of July. Armed with plenty of DNA evidence, due to him cutting himself in his attack of defenceless women, he had zero chance of getting away with his crimes and was swiftly convicted.

Clearly, if Danyal had correctly made a pact with anything ( a very big if true proposition), it was something that certainly didn’t have his interests at heart. Like any entity that is quite happy to take on such a task, it was content to eat the lives of both of those women, as well as his own. Such is the nature of the parasitic entities that are quite happy to use the lowest denominator to feed and propagate. (Edited note: Lucifuge certainly has no interest in the offering up of the defenceless – another profane, debased interpretation based on a childish understanding of the goetic and orgin arte)

It later came out that Danyal was a prolific reader of BALG material and frequented the forums often. His account, DannyEternal, has since been removed from the forums so doing more research is likely impossible – but he was an active user since 2018.

The killers introductory post on the BALG forums

Another post by his account, recommending the use of zero protection in evocations

Whilst it would be incorrect to say that Koetting specifically instructed this ‘man’ to carry out the killings, EA is certainly culpable. When he writes such mental nonsense (see below), without any context, how can he believe that some people will not take it deadly seriously. Especially when marketed towards people who are dangerously unstable, with no proper magickal training. These murders therefore, simply are the result of teaching that free power can be gained, by breaking taboos with no ethical constraints, without incurring dire consequence. It is literally encouraged in the material he has put out explicitly.

Going back through this book, I can say it just gets worse (marginally). I won’t quote more – just simply state that this is all put out there with a very clear context, and no disclaimer. Not even a handwaved one.

An extract from one of E.A Koettings works, Works of Darknesss

When we look further into this work, we see the heart of the matter. E.A Koetting, his followers, and the murderer of those two women have something in common. Lets allow the author to lay it out plainly in his own words- his base draw towards what he practices. What need it fills, and what ‘wrong’ it rights.

Another extract from one of E.A Koettings work, Works of Darkness

One can see that both works come from a place of juvenile, jealous inadequacy. The same energy that fuelled the columbine school massacre and the shooting sprees of the likes of Elliot Rodgers. True worm energy. Danyal and Matt, both unable to attain what they believe the world ‘owed’ them, through normal means, decided to take the fast and easy route. All the while getting back at the world that had ‘slighted them’, showing a truly parasitic, all consuming ego that only wants to take, take, take. In this way, one can see it as a miniature echo of the Atlantean Curse. An emptiness which must be filled, by destroying and consuming others to fill a Hollow – a base sort of sadism only a human is capable of.

Matt has clearly accomplished fulfilling his need by feeding off those like himself – and we here we see the effects. The laughter stops.

For those interested in the above case, ill post some videos, article links about the murder, and a similar case elsewhere in Britain at the end of this article. Most of these are taken from the analysis video but the Durham case is something the author of those videos doesn’t touch on. The video itself goes into this in more detail that I care to bother with – referring to this kind of urging in printed works as what it amounts to – stochastic terrorism. Whilst I don’t agree with all of the political ‘tones’ in the video (Danyal after all, was not what one would traditionally call ‘white’), it is a very good analysis of both Koettings work and what it has lead to.

Cerberus', William Blake, 1824–7 | Tate

Cerberus, William Blake

This whole is given as an example as to WHY the Stellar Temple (and the Primal Current) is strongly gatekept, as is the public group, where devotees come together to share their experiences. It is also given as an example to those within the current as to WHY its necessary to pay attention what they allow in their heads, life and ultimately souls. These views have no place in a balanced tradition, even a ‘darker’ LHP that stresses personal ascent. There is no benefit to any tradition nor individual from melting your life and soul. What these groups promote is a corrosive, self destructive ideology wrapped in madness. I have no sympathy for those who let themselves go, like Danyal, and lose the last vestiges of their humanity. Such people become less than human – they become parasites. Parasites that should never have been exposed to Occult knowledge in the first place. He or she who is unable to walk the tightrope across the dark, should not commit to the journey.

One could get into greater detail as to why young men (and it generally is young men, although we can’t discount the few women that also partake as having an impact – I’ve personally had the displeasure of knowing women who were associated with such toxic beliefs in the past) are drawn to these metanarratives. Maybe it is a lack of proper spiritual mentors in their lives, and the lack of a greater metanarrative in society that gives young people meaning and purpose. But this would be giving Danyal and his ilk an out – their choice was done with full committed heart after all, and they weren’t coerced. They could have chosen any other route to heal from their traumas and build something of note, as the vast majority of people who go through the challenges of life do. As such, one can also say essentially these people are simply failures. Hylics who are unable to grasp the light of the Gods – those who have failed the test of the Gods at the first hurdle.

I am reminded of the person I removed from the facebook group for transgressing the Toad Rite over a year ago now – which I believe I covered here in earlier blog entries. I have a strong policy for not allowing parasites to thrive in our community, and is why I have thought long and hard about how to propagate the teachings of my own temple and work. How to pass the torch I was given by Mark. This incident just reinforces my belief that only via direct teaching and propagation of gnosis can things be responsibly taught – and for me that also involves a degree system that can properly vet those who access to the more sensitive material, methods, and keys given forth by the Gods in possession work.

I would urge everyone who reads this who is part of the greater LHP community, to GRIP this in the bud wherever it is found. Uproot it and burn it. It does not lead to a path of ascent, but instead to the pit. When people use the term Gatekeeper wear it with pride. Do not back down from people who tell you everything should be easy and accessible on demand. The mystery traditions of old did not promote this. There were initiations, rituals that must be undergone, before any of the Gnosis was passed on. This was to weed out people like Danyal. With the advent of the internet, the rules have changed (somewhat). Hold your cards close, and do not be afraid of challenging those who are unsuitable from laying a claim to the Mysteries – to destroying its holy name with their actions. In this, we also assist the wider LHP in growing in a healthy manner that yields maximum benefit, which is also to our personal gain.

The opposite is we have another satanic panic – one where genuine, devoted and complete practitioners get caught in the crossfire. A tone of which is evidenced in the articles I link as sources, positively dripping, below.

Art History 101 | Saint Sebastian - Takato Yamamoto

Saint Sebastian, Takato Yamamoto

This is what our Gods want, and desire. It is what we should want as individuals. Normally this is where I end with a small closing prayer, but the nature of the post and the actions committed I find so repulsive, I feel it would be profane to do so.

I simply state my wish, that Hecate wipes them all from our plane, and places them where they belong – in the deepest, darkest abyss of the trees to never again see the light of the day. That they get what they wish for and idolise personally – and regret their mistake in glorifying it.

References – Articles – Re Danyals Crimes

Video analysis by Aliakai – The Radicalisation Video The E.A Koetting Analysis Video

Refences – Similar Case (ONA Related, showing similar psychological profile)


This incident has again been highlighted by the BBC, making frontpage national news. The investigations linked it back to E.As work, with a full analysis, and even contacted him for comment. They received no comment, as is to be expected.