Ritual Write-Up: The Trident

Continuing on with the theme of the day, I have finished the blog reshuffle I have been intending to do for some time now. The resources page has become the links page, and has been replaced with an resources page of my own work. This will hopefully allow me to distribute some of my own work in PDF format, which will make it easier to read, easier for people to get hold of a hard copy, and reduce the amount of articles needing to be split into multiple posts.

The first of the uploaded files relates to a working which I took part in earlier this year, which was run by the Temple of the Ascending Flame. With the material aligning with my own work, I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to give back some time and energy in participating in group work. This is not something I usually do, but it turned out to be a highly rewarding experience. The supplied and uploaded file has only been slightly modified – outside of that, it is identical to the one I sent after the workings were completed.


Seal of Belial

The working itself deals with contacting Hecate, Lucifer, and Belial, over the course of several nights utilising sigils, blood magick, and meditation and visualisation techniques. The results were very interesting, and really helped move my personal practice forward on a theoretically, practically, and spiritual level.  At the time, it was the longest ritual I had performed and the first to utilise blood magick, where beforehand only the breath had been primarily utilised.

It is quite a long and serious bit of work. Many of the sigils I have still not been able to figure out the use or meaning to, but plan to when possible do a series of workings to investigate the main seals revealed. The quick link to the PDF is below.


Ave Hecate,


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