Cleansing Flame: The Phoenix and The Synchronomicon

I can start this post by safely saying that the issue surrounding the chimeric spirit, as detailed in the previous entry, is now fully resolved.

The spirit was bound successfully on the full moon, into the constructed box and witch jar. This operation went far smoother than expected – although certain physical anomalies did present themselves as the spirit obviously did not wish to be anchored into the vessel. This complicated the ritual slightly but at the end of the day it was completed without serious issue. Follow up dream work, with said spirit, confirmed it was successfully bound.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work unfortunately I cannot provide pictures of this ritual or any documentation detailing it in depth. However, I do want to quickly and briefly discuss the synchronomicon of Lucifer, how I see it being used and it’s connection to the Phoenix in my work.

The Pyramids of Giza by Daniel Clarke

Lucifer as anyone involved in Witchcraft the Trident Current will know, is a truly complex entity. The many masks, names and identities all attributed to him are endless, and to truly delve into this subject and his history would be the subject of an essay all to itself! In Trident craft, there exists a particularly powerful set of Voces Magicae, which allow the witch to channel the power of all the many names of this witchgod at once.

Described in detail in Queen of Hell by Mark Alan Smith, the synchronomicon is vital to correctly channel Lucifer at the higher levels required for further theurgic work.  However, in the original book the means by which the synchronomicon is unlocked is detailed only briefly: it is stated Lucifer should be evoked explicitly and the synchronomicon requested.

It would be good to add that of course, it doesn’t always go smoothly. Lucifer isnt simply going to give access to this because someone THINKS they deserve it. As anyone who has been reading the latest entries would know, Lucifer may ask of the witch to fulfil a particular task or bring forth a particular piece of knowledge forward in payment for its unlocking in pact.

Note that the explicit evocation and fulfilling any agreed pact is required before the synchronomicon can be used. I have seen recently many so called witches and occultists, usually those who are not really working with the current but simply mashing material together, use the synchronomicon call wedged into their work seemingly with little thought or respect.

Without the proper process undertaken to unlock it, the synchronomicon call, vocalised, is worthless.  Without that step it is purely empty, meaningless words. It has to be unlocked at soul level.

This is a point I cannot stress enough. If you see someone detailing to use this call without stressing this point, it shows they likely have NO understanding of the synchronomicon and lack the ability to actually make use of it. This sounds like common sense but it feels a point I think has not been taken on board.

Once unlocked, the change from before and after should be obvious. To myself, the synchronomicon bestowed strange, fire like powers, revealing the phoenix flame within. This takes the form of a literal phoenix within a transparent, gold-copper pyramid which can be extracted and its energies directed to compel, bind and cleanse upon both inner and physical planes.  I don’t feel this is somehow unique to myself but something that anyone with the right approach, and paying the right price, can also gain access to.

The Phoenix by Dan Woollard

This is the difference in power between those who use empty words chasing ‘recognition’ and those who put in the work and are able to access this point of power directly. The pure stellar fire that is able to be directed as well as the quickening of Lucifers energies when used in possession work makes this more than worth the effort to attain.

Using the phoenix once bestowed seems entirely intuitive. It is able be to fed directly into the aura to protect and heal. It can also be projected into the surrounding circle in ceremonial work to greatly reinforce and empower the ritual space.  The use of the phoenix in this fashion can be done almost in an instant by drawing it from the heart energy centre. When bestowed, the sigil of the phoenix can also be marked on particular surfaces for various effects. I leave that up to those who are able to gain access to the phoenix to explore.

With the night soon to be waning as we enter the Sabbat, I will leave this post on the following note. Now is a great time to work with Lucifer at his most light bringing, in all aspects, of the black, white and red suns. I have a work planned with those nearby locally to earth these alchemical suns as part of both a celebration in Lucifers name and quickening of the world soul and I am so very much looking forward to it. If I can I hope to share some of the calls as part of a devotional and blessing post tomorrow~

May you keep well and grow reader, illuminated and protected by the Stellar Fires of the Phoenix~

Ave Lucifer,


7 Responses to “Cleansing Flame: The Phoenix and The Synchronomicon”

  1. Hello,
    I’ve been subscribed to your blog for quite awhile and am catching and just thought I’d comment and say “hi”. As 2018 thus far has been a very eventful year for me in so many different ways.

    As for the Synchronomicon and the Phoenix Practice that’s one that Ive never tried before. I know about the Trident of Luciferianism and Hekate though. Both of whom I honour in various rituals myself also. Although my path is quite eclectic.
    I always study anything and everything I can on any Current or pathway that I embark on long before practising it.

    As that to me is the sensible and respectable thing to do first anyway. However I realise that far too many don’t. Then they wonder why they have a catastrophe on their hands. 😔 Sigh!

    A very interesting blog indeed. Thanks for sharing about this as I feel that I’ve learnt something different from a competely different perspective because we all know and love “The Necronomicon” as well as “The Ars Goetia” too.

    Blessed Be & Namaste🙏🏻

    • Hello Caz,

      Nice to make your acquaintance~ Thank you for the kind words and i’m very glad you are enjoying the blog. It always makes me feel its worth it when I get nice comments here from readers and encourages me to post more.

      It’s no bother, I try to share what and where I can. The blogs evolved over quite a while to be a little more introspective I feel, as that is where my work has taken me.

      I fully agree with you’ve said here – working within any current should be done from a position of understanding and respect. One of the reasons I made this blog is I saw a very shallow smashing
      together of Temple of the Black Light material and Trident Witchcraft, with smatterings of other LHP traditions thrown in. Needless to say the result was quite disrespectful and very disharmonious in how it fitted together!
      The problem is this was also being presented as well researched material – and I really thought it would give the wrong impression of the Synchronomicon.

      In that work it is simply words to be said, like part of an invocation, and in reality it is far far more than that. So this article was my way of counterbalancing some of the frankly quite bad advice that is out there. I feel people really need to be careful with what they practice, and that always direct work with the Gods and Spirits is far better than taking anything verbatim off the internet these days!!

      Again thanks for your kind words,

      All the best,

      Ave Hecate, Lucifer, Belial, Sepheranz,


      • Thank you no problems and sry for my late reply. Keep up the great work!
        Blessed Be & Namaste🙏

      • I must say that respect IMHO is so important. Sadly far too many occultists of all varieties seem to often forget this and for the life of me I can’t understand why? Anyways it’s great to know that somebody else such as yourself understands and agree with what I’m talking about too.
        Hope that your having a great weekend!
        Blessed Be & Namaste🙏

      • It really is, I don’t know why either really because for me its fundamental to the kind of work I do.

        Only thing I can think of is those people have forgotten their roots and some reason believe it is all their doing they got where they are – they forget the help of both spirits and others in teaching them / getting them to where they are. I remember talking to a friend about this and he said that the worst form of trap in this kind of thing is that it doesn’t tend to affect initiates or neophytes, but adepts ie people who have worked for many years and grow very egotistical.

        I think he has a point in that!

        I hope to put up another post soon – its been a very reflective time of growth here actually – ive been doing some active work but not stuff I can really share on here unfortunately.

        Hope you are keeping well and had a great weekend yourself!

        All the best,

        Ave Hecate,


      • Yep I’ve had a good weekend. I look forward to reading your reflective responses although I realise that some things you just can’t share publically and that’s fair enough imho.

        Take care,
        Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏
        Ave Hekate,❤️

  2. Thanks I did have a great weekend and now it’s the weekend again but it’s freezing here.

    I agree they have forgotten their roots and when becoming an adept the worst thing one can do is become entranced by one’s own own ego and occult persona.

    Like you I have developed in many ways. Most of which I can’t share on my blog because sometimes it’s just too personal or only relevant to me and/or my family and friends. Not everything is for public consumption.

    I wrote about this very topic in the blog that I posted earlier this week. I think that you may like it and resonate with it too.

    It’s called: Our Online Persona, Your Psyche and Spirituality and More.

    I’m certainly not an expert on everything. Lol But there are some areas that I have mastered over the years mainly healing, Necromantic magick and divination. I hope to one day master a lot more but feel like time is running out as I’m getting older.

    In fact the more that I study, learn and practice the more I realise I have yet to learn in this short finite mortal existence in this lifetime.

    Hope that your having a great weekend this week also.

    Blessed Be & Namaste,🙏

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