Of Rising Flames: The Macrocosmic Apocalypse of Man

October is shaping up to be a very interesting month.

Work with Surgat on the Hunters Moon has revealed the necessary Dragon Gates for accessing Leviathans powers upon the shores of the sea this coming Samhain, and this paves the work of two further workings with the great dragons to correctly open the correct stellar pathways. It is not without some trepidation that this new work is embarked upon – it seems to be some of the strongest workings up to this point. I must now undertake these in direct contact with the elements outside of much of the formal ceremonial ritual trappings I have gotten used to up to this point in my work.

Nevertheless its one I hope to face head on and receive the correct empowerments in response, and have made the formal pact with Surgat to pursue such in full knowledge of what must be done and endured.

In addition to this, I will be performing in the temple space the first initiation into the current of a new devotee. Whilst not a full temple initiation, for the gates for that are yet to be lain down, this is nevertheless an important introduction to the current for them. Hecate and Lucifer have made it very clear this individual is to receive the empowerments of the Gates that have been opened here thus far, and have directed the formation of an initiation rite to that effect. I hope that this is the first foundations of the stellar temple – itself still likely many years from formation – that will be set down.  It is now for the hard work between myself and this other devotee to see how this is to develop.

Precursor by Wayne Barlow

Outside of the above, I also had the excellent opportunity to read a rather stunning essay by a fellow devotee, who originally shared it in the primal craft facebook group. This essay, titled ‘The Macrocosmic Apocalypse of Man’ details the roles played by the Witchgods, as indicated by the Goddess Sepheranz in the current global transformation of The Age of Lucifer. This is an excellent introduction to those involved in the current who might not have touched on or explored this gnosis, whilst also explaining it simply for those who are outside of the current in a digestible but also inspiring manner. I contacted the author, who wishes to be identified as Ryan SK, to ask if he would allow me to kindly share his work on the blog. He accepted, and I thought that the time around the Hunters Moon would be the perfect time to share this beautiful work.

The essay can be accessed below via clicking the title link and contains the following sections; It can also be found in the resources section of the blog.

The Macrocosmic Apocalypse of Man

by Ryan SK

I. Introduction




With that I wish everyone a beautiful waning moon period up until the arrival of our most blessed of sabbats and the turning of a new cycle at Samhain. May it be a productive one bringing you all the blessings and empowerments of the Gods as befits your own path.

In Love and In Honour,
In the Name of She Who Came First,
Bathed in Rising Flames



5 Responses to “Of Rising Flames: The Macrocosmic Apocalypse of Man”

  1. – If gods intervened in the making of our DNA and that large part of our behavior as a specie is determined by it, why are we guilty of being what we are ? This without taking into account the teachings of all known civilizations that clearly indicate that gods craves for human blood and war. Are the Aztecs guilty of the massacres their gods asked them to perform ?

    – The poles on earth changed 183 times over the last 84 million years, so nothing to do with us. It’s normal cycle. Plants and animals are still there.

    – The author simply regurgitate what he red in a book written by an occultist. There are hundreds of prophecies made by people each year, many claim they received them from Gods.

    Humans are food for entities no doubt about that. Cults and religions keep the slaughterhouse running on… But that’s just a theory of mine.

    • I’ll bite. Note im not the author so i cannot speak for him as mentioned above.

      – The answer to the first is deceptively simple. Humans have been given free will, and have thus been given the ability to choose. Abdication of that responsibility by blaming the Gods is purile. Your generalisation of teachings is also purile – there are a huge majority of exceptions and certainly the gods dont exclusively thrive on blood and war. The Aztecs are guilty of decadent slaughter, the gods asked them for nothing – killing 40,000 captives in a day is genocide and politically motivated.

      – Its a normal cycle, but its one that usually precedes great changes. Its not periodic, and usually does cause upheavals in volcanic activity that could pose issues for a developed civilization. ‘Hypotheses have also advanced toward linking reversals to mass extinctions.[54] Many such arguments were based on an apparent periodicity in the rate of reversals, but more careful analyses show that the reversal record is not periodic.[19] It may be, however, that the ends of superchrons have caused vigorous convection leading to widespread volcanism, and that the subsequent airborne ash caused extinctions.’

      -What he mentions is not regurgitated. Ive read all of that authors works, and what Ryan SK talks about here is greatly expanded and distilled from his own working gnosis. Plenty of people do make prophecies each year that is true – all that can be done is confirmatory work.

      Cults and religions dont keep the slaughterhouse running on. People do, which they actively will and enjoy pursuing as a concious choice. Mystery cults have always been where the real spiritual truth has continued to be preserved – the orphics were hardly going around causing wars.

      • Greta Thunberg Says:

        People start giving blood to get power from the Gods then they sacrifice and as you mention end up with genocide. Indeed humans can’t keep balance and we end up with the history we know. The question was puerile on purpose. Who’s on the other side receiving the blood from the dismembered Indian child ? Why do the Elite still kill children today if it doesn’t bring any results, any power ? You know it’s more complicated than what you believe…

        It’s periodic we have evidences of this. Every 700 millions years as found in geological results. Just check the video link I sent and you will find the same in science articles. I also know cataclysms are going to be unleashed upon mankind to reduce our number. Plagues are not enough to maintain the balance. But writing over and over again upon the apocalypse never had any positive effect on people or their behavior. It’s puerile to believe the contrary.

        It’s regurgitated to 80%, I’ve the books from Mr Smith… What he wrote about Sepheranz is very positive though and he should focus on that. The narcissistic desire to become known into the occult microcosm lead to many good persons to plagiarize and write shit instead of working the path. Not your case I must admit.

  2. Greta Thunberg Says:

    Correction : Every 700 thousand years and 183 reversals over the last 83 million years.

    “A weaker field would certainly lead to a small increase in solar radiation on Earth – as well as a beautiful display of aurora at lower latitudes – but nothing deadly. Moreover, even with a weakened magnetic field, Earth’s thick atmosphere also offers protection against the sun’s incoming particles.” – NASA Content Administrator

    Link of the article : https://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/2012-poleReversal.html

    • We have had six mass extinctions and are in the midst of a sixth. This is not controversial. Most scientists will agree with me on this. What is unknown is how humanity will fare. I cannot give you that answer. A lot of it will be determined by our actions over a short window of time as well as our own resilience as a species.

      From the article you posted:

      “The science shows that magnetic pole reversal is – in terms of geologic time scales – a common occurrence that happens gradually over millennia.”

      This is exactly what I refer to in my article, so I thank you for providing further evidence. This event is not a sudden climactic event. It will be characterized by shifts in radiation and solar particles that will increase over time gradually, fostering the stage for evolution to occur in a more punctuated manner compared to what we have seen for the past several thousand years. The last magnetic reversal, once again directly taken from the article you posted, was 780,000 years ago, so obviously having such a distant reference point for modern life is completely inadequate for drawing any major conclusions, as you’ve tried to do here by downplaying any downstream effects. The environmental changes I alluded to are all based on solid biochemistry and genetics. As a genetic engineer in the field of evolutionary biology, I can speak with authority on these topics in a way that most cannot. Posting links to websites that actually support my work in an attempt to refute something you believed my article was about due to either completely misunderstanding or failing to read it is on you. As the writer I am invested in the clarity of my own message and in clearing up misinformation being spread regarding it.

      My article was originally tailored to a Primal Craft audience and blog, so I naturally tightened it up with references from the books when I was asked to share it with a wider audience. These references to the source material are apparent in the introduction and conclusion to remain faithful to the core teachings of Smith. The body is mainly concerned with external changes in the environment, astrological correlations, and alchemy of internal ecstatic revelations, the latter constituting the core of my message. To say this is “regurgitated” and even suggest a criminal act like plagiarism is extremely misleading and disingenuous, as none of these features are mentioned or explicated in the Primal Craft sources and are entirely original. Again, I was asked to share this work, and agreed out of devotion to my Gods so that more people could seek them out directly. I get nothing in return, nor would I expect from an offering of this nature.

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