Success through Putrefaction – Third Initiate, Black Degree

It is with the utmost pleasure that I make an announcement in regards to the Temple work here.

Those who follow the blog may remember that, this time last year, one of our initiation candidates passed their ordeal and was initiated fully into the Black Degree.

Well it is again a great joy to confirm that another candidate has been successful at passing their ordeal, and acquiring the black degree as part of our ongoing work.

This particular candidate I have worked with on and off for over seven years now, and always pondered whether our work would eventually dovetail within the same house, as it were. I would never have believed that this would be the year they would undergo the Trial of Putrefaction – going on to succeed above and beyond my expectations. This period of work follows a time of very intense, close workings with the Trident – work that was carried out over the preceding last three months.

This, as always, was required to assess whether they were both suitable and ready to take this large step. These rites needed to be performed by the seeker, as well as verified by me as Magister to ensure that everything aligned properly and that it was right to continue.

This comes after a year of hard work, trusting in the Gods to ensure that the temple plan unfolds as it should – directed by our growing, collective will. The candidate made the leap with committed heart and devoted soul – bringing the alchemical change required. This was no small task – the initiation rite is designed to test, push and break the candidate where it can.

I was in no real worry that this candidate would fail however – the signs bringing them firmly onto the Primal Current were not subtle ones – waking visions of Belial physically showing the Trident being just one obvious manifestation of their will and intent. This was confirmed with a series of divination and evocational works – some completed individually, some with me being present within the rites to facilitate as well as simply enjoy the ritual.

Fire Covenant by Rovina Cai

Physical manifestations, such as fire turning vivid green without any tainting of the fire with the likes of copper, as well as powerful animal possessions sealed the deal in regards to the initiation going ahead. Such invitation by the gods made it clear to me as to the direction it would go and it became undeniable in how it unfolded – these instances were all startling in their potency, if not surprising considering the depth and power involved in both their nature and surrounding circumstances.

With all of this this now reified with the initiation itself, I now turn my attention to completing the write ups of three, major theurgic rites conducted over the Samhain period. It is my intention to rest on my laurels a bit – just a bit – to allow for the task of getting resultant gnosis pulled out and put onto paper. Without this, there can be no expansion to push further myself whilst also giving attention to the initiates who will now need direction and assistance to make the most of their path. Going into the new year, I hope to turbocharge things a little bit.

I will end this post here, but it is with joy i’ve been able to type the above and make this known to the wider primal craft community.

Many Blessings,
In the Name of the Trident,
Carried on Lucifers Flames,

2 Responses to “Success through Putrefaction – Third Initiate, Black Degree”

  1. Mathew Ntwiga Says:

    I feel sure enough that I need to be initiated. Please advise.

    • Hello Mathew,

      Thank you very much for your comment on the blog. I’m afraid I do not do initiations on request or for sale. Our initiations at the Temple here are select and handpicked, from people who have been involved with our work for a very long time. This is a requirement to really ensure everything is suitable, passed on correctly etc.

      Often this is seen as elitist – but that is not the case. It is selective, but not elitist. The fact is, it is only possible to properly teach a handful of people at a time and it should be done in person. This kind of work is deeply personal and involved, and requires close one to one guidance.

      For these reasons, I’m afraid to say I couldn’t help with your request directly. I would advise if you are strongly called to Primal Craft witchcraft, to acquire Queen of Hell and gain a thorough understanding of the operational craft contained within. It includes a ritual on self initiation which can start your powerfully on this path. Mark, who wrote those books, can be contacted – just google – if you need a hand at all. If you are interested in witchcraft in general, you could try seeing what is close to you – within reason. This rooted craft i’d recommend over any book you may be able to purchase.

      Just please go canny. Not every country has repealed witchcraft law like the United Kingdom and in many places it is still persecuted. I wish you best on your search.

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