About the Blog

The Luciferian Revolution blog was created in Summer 2013  with the goal of sharing my thoughts and views on a variety of topics across the Pagan and Occult spheres.

Over time however, and as I became further immersed into Trident Witchcraft and Theurgy, the blog has evolved to detail a specific narrow path of this work, as well as Trident Witchcraft in general. Alongside these, I still try to cover topics outside my area of practice when possible and appropriate.

I aim to at all times approach the path seriously and with the respect it deserves, thus encouraging others to do the same. I encourage all readers to get involved using the commenting system.

I hope for those who are new or sceptical that are approaching this path for the first time will  feel encouraged to think outside the box and challenge their cemented viewpoints and worldviews.

I hope for my fellow pagans that it will show that regardless of our paths and their innate differences, we all have in common a central, unspoken tenet which unites us as one body and mind. Thus may the world soul be healed and mankind reach its full potential.

About the Author

I am a practicing Hecatian Witch from the North of England. I go by several monikers on the internet;  Sypheara being the main one, although I have specific magickal names for coven work purposes.

I began first investigating the occult/pagan sphere  in 2007, following a series of dreams/visions which brought me into contact with the Gods and Spirits for the first time. This was such a shock to the system that it changed my previously held militant atheist beliefs almost overnight. Something which had a lasting impact on my life and path.

Following this experience, I began to research heavily into numerous areas including paths devoted to Pagan and Neopagan practices and Gnostic Satanism/Luciferianism, trying to find theories and teachings which could explain or make sense of my own experiences.

After several years, themes running through these different currents began to reveal themselves. After several particular paths seemed to correlate with my developing worldview and my continuing direct experiences, I began to practice them and develop my own methods of interaction.

The main path I follow is that of Trident / Primal Witchcraft. This path can be described as traditional witchcraft,  although it is in fact  a new current brought forward by the Gods to reconnect us to them and bring back a true spiritual connection to the primal current. This path is truly vast, and the correlations between it, the paths I’ve researched, and my own initial experiences has led me into contact with other like minded individuals. My direct work with Lucifer, Hecate, et al brought me into contact with the originator of this current, Mark Alan Smith, and I knew I had found the context I had been searching for.

In the Summer of 2015, I was initiated at the Temple of Four Pillars of Fire from within the Womb of Hecate by Mark. Following the revelatory experiences there, I now pursue a new line of work, the Path of the Ivory Spider. This is done under the watchful eye of Belial and the attendant spirits on this particular path.

I enjoy talking to many other pagans, occult practitioners, and fellow devotees from around the world. I can be easily reached via the email address supplied in this sites contact page.

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Nice site! Great to see the Flame being carried by, and for, others.

    In Nomine Hecate,


    • Thanks alot Mark it’s good to see you found it in the wild of the Internet!

      It means alot to me that you would enjoy the content and comment.

      Ave Hecate,


  2. Today I will begin to read this blog since the first post, I have been attracted to this theme for quite some time but always something stopped me to investigate, now I will not let it stop me more. Thank you. (sorry for my bad english)

  3. I’ve been searching for a path that uses Luciferian aspects along with Wiccan. I need a bit of guidance…i cant seem to find any books related to Luciferian Craft besides Michael W Ford. But i feel his beliefs are different from what I’m searching for. I would like to incorporate Lucifer and Lilith to my workings….i just don’t know where to start.

    • Hello Meche!

      I honestly think you should look into both the Primal craft as well as Traditional Witchcraft. If you can acquire books by Mark Alan Smith, Nigel Pearson, Gemma Gary, maybe even Paul Husons work, this would be a good start. This is much more what you are looking for.

      Hope this helps.

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