I have recently set up a Gmail email account. If you have any questions about the blog, my practice, or myself, please feel free to send over an e-mail.

Please note that I do not offer any services, be that ritual work, ensoulment of items, divination, tarot, cleansings etc for money or otherwise.

It’s important for me to concentrate on my own work and skills at the moment. Whilst I don’t rule out this in the future, for now all requests for such will be ignored for your own good as well as mine.

The address is as follows:

sypheara at gmail dot com

Note: To try and prevent bots auto harvesting the email address, I have written it in plaintext.  Substitute the @ and . where necessary.


4 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Artemisia Says:

    I discovered this blog & have been in the CoH since before it had to move to fb from the web. Hekate called me some 21yrs ago. When “Queen of Hell” came out I saw my chance to merge completely with Her!
    I’m also a Luciferian & a Witch, not Wiccan.
    I Travel, do trance, auto write in trance, ride the Hedge, LHP Workings, etc.
    Read QOH 6 or 7 times, researched, started with others several times who quit & basically began gathering things I’d need. MAS is a great info source but I don’t know anyone locally or on FB who actually WORKS the QOH Book. I’m excited to have found your blog!
    I loved your Spinners of Fate entry. I was invited but due to a youthful indiscretion, I cannot get a passport. I had a ticket for the first Hekate Symposium in Glastonbury. And couldn’t go. Such is life
    I’d like to subscribe to your blog. I’m also into M.W.Ford, Asenath Mason, Edgar Kerval, other Draconian Current Workings. Hekate’s my Matron, tho!
    Cheers, Artemisia

    • Hello Artemisia!

      Just saw your post here. Its been great to get in contact with you and chat about the current. Just saw your message on here!

      Feel free to message me directly if you have any specific questions, i’ll do my best to answer them. Many people who work in the current sometimes feel it can be lonely – but as you’ve hopefully found out thats anything but the case. I’d love to do group workings, even if it has to be remotely, with other dedicated people in the current.

      See you around here and elsewhere!

      All the best,

      Ave Hecate,


  2. Daniel Graham Says:

    I am from a small town in the south of America.Me and my wife and children have embraced this path.I corresponded with mark some but I respect his time as I do yours.I cannot preform the primalcraft rites yet because I cannot physically manifest the gods.I do the embrace of the goddess .My stagnation is frustrating and I have no one to communicate with of this path.I feel very alone.Can you help guide me .I am not asking for answers just some direction.I have the books the tools and the mark but where do I go now.Thank you

    • Hello Daniel,

      Feel free to email me, with as much information as you want to divulge.

      From there, I will help if I can. Do not feel alone.. there are plenty of people on the path out there, many who have struggled with this exact thing.

      Depending on your natural abilities, as well as your level of experience there may be adaptations that can be made, one way or the other.

      My main advice not knowing your full background, would be even if you can’t physically manifest them, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be approaching and performing the rites. Some people have trouble seeing.. but have clairaudience or other means of perceiving the Gods allowing them to progress. It really does depend on the individual, their devotion

      There will be some way forward for you I am sure.

      All the best

      Ave Hecate,


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