There are many sources that I have drawn inspiration from in my research and learning, from books, websites and talking to other devotees, pagans and general occultists. Unfortunately, due to time or dramas, this list has had to be reduced to its fundamentals. As such I have streamlined it, with the hopes of building it up again in the future.


Primal Craft –

Mark Alan Smith is a fantastic author and devotee of Hecate, and the founder of a Witchflame current which is highly related to my own path.  It was so related to my own experiences that I consider his experiences to be of the same current after reading his works, hauntingly so when I discovered them. Mark is a really nice guy, whose helped me with several inquiries and its a pleasure to support him where and how I can. He self publishes his own works, but be warned that the new editions are based on older works that are now hard to acquire in hard copy and are known for being very complex in content.

Book vendors

Ixaxaar –

Ixaxaar have been my primary source for the majority of my occult books that I possess, the majority of them being talismanic works of art. All the books I’ve gotten from them have been sources of immense amount of information, all of it unashamed and direct with the gnosis it has imparted. Can thoroughly recommend them.. the customer service is also excellent and the people that run it are great.

Scarlet Imprint –

Another fantastic publisher, like Ixaxaar creating limited edition, talismanic books. Whilst my experience with them has been nowhere near as extensive as with Ixaxaar, the copy of Palo Mayombe – The Garden of Blood and Bones I received was excellent. I’d definetly be back to get more works if they take my interest, as this one was packed full of useful information on spirits, herb work, divination etc and really helped shed light on those elements within my own practice. 

Troy Books –

Troy books have become one of, if not my favourite, occultist publisher in the last few years. The work they publish is always top notch, covering anything folklore to traditional witchcraft practices. With such authors as Gemma Gary and Nigel Pearson some of the authors who they have worked with, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I find this type of witchcraft highly compatible with Trident Witchcraft and encourage devotees to read their works and around traditional witchcraft in general. I feel it is far more appropriate to round out our craft than gnostic currents mentioned previously.

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