There are many sources that I have drawn inspiration from in my research and learning, from books, websites and talking to other devotees, pagans and general occultists. Unfortunately, due to time or dramas, this list has had to be reduced to its fundamentals and focus purely on the primal current. As such I have streamlined it, with the hopes of building it up again in the future.

Primal Craft –

Mark Alan Smith is the magister and founder of the Witchflame Current of Hecate, of which my own developing path belongs.  His work was so related to my own experiences that I considered them to be of the same current after reading his detailed writings. This was seen as being hauntingly so, when I first discovered them and saw where the puzzle pieces fit. Mark is an amazing teacher, whose helped me over the course of my development and its a pleasure to support him where and how I can as an initiate of the Mother Temple. He self publishes his own works, in unparalleled quality, and can be reached at the above which serves as primary contact point for the current.

Primal Craft FB –

The only somewhat official group for the discussion of the craft on social media, ran by myself. This page exists for devotees to share experiences and get support they need in their learning and daily praxis. I recommend anyone who is serious about the current to come pay us a visit, as many experienced practitioners are present who are willing to lend a hand where possible. The page is treated as sacred space, so please make sure to fill out the questions and thoroughly read the rules before posting.

Primal Craft IG –

The official Instagram account of Primal Craft, showcasing the beautiful art from the mother temple. This is the main media store for the current as of now, so is good to follow for updates on this front.

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