There are many sources that I have drawn inspiration from in my research and learning, from books, websites and talking to other devotees, pagans and general occultists.

On this page you will find some links to the most useful and interesting web links and resources I’ve managed to find which have been of great help to my own practice.  This list will invariably grow as I find more places and remember those I’ve shamefully forgotten.


Primal Craft –

Mark Alan Smith is a fantastic author and devotee of Hecate, and the founder of a Witchflame current which is highly related to my own path.  It was so related to my own experiences that I consider his experiences to be of the same current after reading his works, hauntingly so when I discovered them. Mark is a really nice guy, whose helped me with several inquiries and its a pleasure to support him where and how I can. He self publishes his own works, but be warned that the new editions are based on older works that are now hard to acquire in hard copy and are known for being very complex in content.

Temple of Belial –

As best put by Mark Alan Smith

‘The Temple of Belial is a physical and spiritual gateway secreted between mountain, cliff and sea in France – a place of communion and extreme personal devotion to the Lord of Wisdom. Within the Primal Current, gnosis to create this devotional gate was delivered by Belial directly to the Temple Administor in the form of unique transmissions.

In 2015 The Temple of Belial was opened as the First Pillar of Fire of the Trident of Witchflame – connected to the Mother Temple – through which the Throne of The Crown Prince was manifested across the planes. This temple is certain to become a gateway of great significance over the coming years.’

The TridentCraft site is a point of contact with the Gatekeeper of Belials Temple, and details in close detail his crossing of the Abyss.

Dragon Rouge –

The Dragon Rouge are a left hand path orientated organisation and esoteric eclectic society. They focus on studying aspects of philosophy, psychology, religion, science and culture and how it can be applied to the draconian path.

Star of Azazel –

The Star of Azazel is a Finnish society of like minded individuals that ascribe to an inclusive theosophicallyoriented ideology and set of teachings, which seek to unify the seemingly contradictory concepts of Right Hand and Left Hand paths within Occultism. Its written publications, such as Fosforos and Catechisms of Lucifer I regard to be modern classics in the making – the content they have put out thus far and their guiding principles really do resonate with my own, and have helped me place alot of my own insights into their proper context.

Temple of the Black Light & Templum Falcis Cruentis –

Two important related Gnostic Satanist orders that put out interesting content on the Qlippha and the role of the adversarial Gods and Spirits. . The content they produce is uncompromising, and it is definitely something, if you can get hold of, that will either be of interest to you or turn you away very quickly. The Temple of the Black Lights website was unfortunately taken down after the response the temples content received (unsurprisingly), and the Templum Falcis Cruentis never had a web presence until recently, where it began offering botanical services connected to its practice of Qayinitic Sorcery through Ixaxaar. The link given above links to their service, which produces potent fetishes and other works for those who practice that current or related currents. Whilst my own path is not gnostic, it is difficult to find information on the Tree of Death. So from that perspective, interesting information can be found here.

Book vendors

Ixaxaar –

Ixaxaar have been my primary source for the majority of my occult books that I possess, the majority of them being talismanic works of art. All the books I’ve gotten from them have been sources of immense amount of information, all of it unashamed and direct with the gnosis it has imparted. Can thoroughly recommend them.. the customer service is also excellent and the people that run it are great.

Scarlet Imprint –

Another fantastic publisher, like Ixaxaar creating limited edition, talismanic books. Whilst my experience with them has been nowhere near as extensive as with Ixaxaar, the copy of Palo Mayombe – The Garden of Blood and Bones I received was excellent. I’d definetly be back to get more works if they take my interest, as this one was packed full of useful information on spirits, herb work, divination etc and really helped shed light on those elements within my own practice. 

Troy Books –

Troy books have become one of, if not my favourite, occultist publisher in the last few years. The work they publish is always top notch, covering anything folklore to traditional witchcraft practices. With such authors as Gemma Gary and Nigel Pearson some of the authors who they have worked with, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. I find this type of witchcraft highly compatible with Trident Witchcraft and encourage devotees to read their works and around traditional witchcraft in general. I feel it is far more appropriate to round out our craft than gnostic currents mentioned previously.


The Witch of Forest Grove –

I have watched and followed Sarahs blog, lurking  for a year or two now, and it is as always packed of astonishingly fantastic content. The amount of knowledge transmitted of folk magical practices in here is very high, and is in my opinion unmissable. It is also presented in a very readable, engaging and almost poetic way, and I really do take my hat off to her for all the quality content she puts out.

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