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So this week has been busy, little time to get on formulating part 2 of the Lines of Power post.. it is coming, I promise! In the meantime, I thought I’d post a small interim post.

I came across an interesting poem whilst reading up on Datura plants and their effects. I always been interested in researching entheogenic plants, for numerous reasons, especially ones that possess a link to darker themes and attributes.  The Daturas, and the Solanaceae in general, have always struck me as highly interesting plants not just because of the folklore and history surrounding them but also their actual physical effects, where are worlds apart from the more abused plants that induce simple euphoria.

I don’t take any credit for the following poem, I just happened to stumble across it and like it. The picture is a sculpture from a deviant art user, but unfortunately I saved it along time ago and I cannot remember who made it. Kudos to them though, it’s excellently dark.

Original link and full text:

Datura: A Dramatic Poem (extract)

by Matthew Raab

‘Many before me have died
trying to experience this emotion
The remedy for this perception
was created in this potion
The poison in her veins
didst open wide the doors
Knowledge holds the reigns
to the visionary core
Bliss has a thousand Faces
and twice as many eyes
Obtain the Sky God’s graces
then you will hold her prize
I took a three day trip
in a vehicle of Angel hair
Across the galaxy of Zen
but took no plane to get there
I landed in a State of Mind
called the land of All Serenity
The human language can’t define
the arch of this infinity
Datura! Datura! Please take me up
into your realm of fine oblivion
Let your tears fill up my cup
and bless my eyes with vision
Between this perpetual confusion
is a comfort so profound
reality bleeds into illusion
seeing voices while feeling sound
Losing the capacity to perceive
the waves that carry me through
a void I can not conceive
Has a red, subliminal view
Sound the trumpets of Heaven’s Tune!
the angels gather around
They sing until my mind is loon
I slowly let them come down.’


Doll by Majestic Thorns