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Small Update: Next Series of Posts

Posted in Other with tags , , , , , on June 28, 2013 by Sypheara

So the last few weeks have been quite insane, both in my personal life and in my witchcraft to a degree. Whilst not all of these developments have been positive, they have certainly given me many ideas for future posts which I hope to release in a small series in the approximate following order. Please note this isn’t final. It is likely to swap and change.. but thought I’d share what I am thinking early as I’ve been neglecting my corner of the internet.

My Recent Experience with the Tarot

I am no experienced practioner when it comes to the Tarot at all, having had only a passing interest in learning the individual card meanings, methodology, and experiencing the, until until very recently.  With my first formal initiation into Hecates fold seemingly accepted and  things beginning to feel like they were internalising, I became freed of alot of my inhibitions. Feeling correspondingly empowered, I finally decided to give them a real study and do one or two basic readings under Hecates guidance.


I was very shocked to learn how accurate the readings turned out, doing three in total which revealed alot to me. These have helped me deal with a potentially very painful personal issue over the last few weeks, and because of their effectiveness and my experience, I’d love to detail this in more manner.

I’ll be working on this entry next, with corresponding pictures. Two of them taken of the actual last two readings, showing the corresponding cards. I’ll also try and detail as much as I feel comfortable the issue surrounding my use of them as its vital to understanding the effectiveness of them.

Book Review: Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Recently received another wonderful book from Scarlet Imprint, that I am in the midst of devouring in earnest.  Already from the first few chapters I can tell it really does tap into a universal thread that runs through not only my own path, but many other forms of Witchcraft and Magick i’ve studied.  It’s refreshingly written with fire and passion, and it is certainly not an unconfrontational or conformist book.

Instead, what it presents is modern witchcraft as a purified lightning rod for the spirits, outside of a specific lens or tradition. I can already tell the whole book illuminates this shared current that unites the different strains. The book firmly places itself in the modern world illustrating why witchcraft it is needed in our current age of destruction and unprecedented change more than ever, due to the modern world placing ‘a price on everything, and a value on nothing’.

To me,  it is right up there with Fosforos, and other similar illuminating works of pure genius. So I will be definetly visiting this in the near future once I have had chance to go over it in a comprehensive manner. It resonates with my own convictions, and I can definetly say that if you are on the fence and can’t wait, definetly give it a look in.

Sigilic Drawings under visualisation and compulsion

A long and probably too conceited and grandiose title on first view, its the best way I can describe what I want to cover in this coming post. I was recently part of an open working with the Temple of Ascending flame, utilising visualisation and meditation on sigils along with blood magick to strengthen a connection with my Gods.

They requested a log be kept of the results. I did so, also recording any sigils I saw in these small visions.  They seemed quite interested in what I had to show in the end, and I was encouraged to publish them in some manner. I let this mostly slide, until the other day I had a similar compulsion to draw a sigil, and I have been wondering whether to put a compilation together and show them.  However, I think it is appropriate to wait for confirmation from the Gods and Spirits to ensure this is the correct course of action out of respect. I’m also wanting to discover more of their use or meaning rather than the simple vague ideas I have now to really flesh this post out.

Hopefully this will be cleared up by the time I get round to this addition and have finished putting them all to paper in my actual logbook, as I am excited on sharing them and seeing what other people have to say about them if they can see parallels with their own work.

(Sigil below from the now unfortunately defunct TOTBL site. Highly interesting when compared with my own to come.)