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A Warm Welcome

Posted in Luciferianism, The Path of Flames with tags , , , , , , , on May 7, 2013 by Sypheara

Well here it is, the blog I thought I’d never make. I don’t usually enjoy talking about myself or my practice, due to the baggage that it inevitably brings, but after much encouragement I finally decided it was time to bite the bullet. I hope many of you will enjoy what I have to share!

Firstly, I have completed a basic about page which can be found in the navigation box on the right. For those of you who don’t personally know me, I hope it will suffice as an introduction as to what this blog is about and my own personal experience up to this point on my path. It was alot to try and fit into a reasonable word count, as I believe it’s important for people to know my general background to find what I write more approachable. I don’t like pretentiousness or the focus on the individual over ideas which can be the case within the Pagan/Occult community in some places, so I hope it comes across as frank and honest as possible.

Many of you may be wondering why I have chosen the name The Luciferian Revolution for the blog. After all, isn’t this a blog on Pagan things and clearly Lucifer is a christian construct and idea?

A valid question I would say. The long answer would be too long to explain in the introductory post, but the short answer is a definite no.

Lucifer was the name refering to an earlier Roman/Greek concept based around the gods Phosphorus and Hesperus, themselves personifications of the morning and evening appearances of the planet Venus. Phosphorus was simply the name for this planet, which translates to the morning star or dawn star. This is turn, like many other Pagan concepts, became demonised by the Christian Faith via association with the concept of Satan, due to Satan himself being described as the ‘morning star, son of the dawn’. Satan, a concept and story itself influenced by syncreticism with earlier Canaanite and Babylonian ideas of gods/goddesses descending from heaven to journey to the underworld, thus became forever attached with the name Lucifer.

As this clearly illustrates,  the concept of Lucifer is clearly one that belongs to the Pagan sphere. In addition, as we will see, the Christian influence infact only  served to reveal more aspects to an entity which exists far outside and separate of it, with many faces of its inherent nature being revealed across many belief systems in different forms.

For explaining the name of the blog, it’s easier to simply explain that for my path, Lucifer is in every sense of the word, the light-bearer, the ever living fire, and counterpart to the coolness of the void. To us, Lucifer is the highest point of the cosmic tree, the supreme torch bearer of divine wisdom and the ruler of the ever burning fires of Thaumiel.  He can be seen as our “Prometheus”, who was born from the womb of the Dragon to bring to man the spiritual fire which animates and empowers us.

It is believed in my Path that the world has entered a new age, or aeon, in which the Gods themselves will initiate the return of  true spirituality to mankind. This is a spirituality that will do away with the nihilistic skepticism, and dogmatic, controlling religions of the current age which together, in their own ways, only serve to disconnect individuals from their own spiritual path and the Gods.

This knowledge, coupled with the works being produced currently alongside the resurgence of interest in the areas of  paganism and the occult  shows the signs of a coming true Luciferian revolution and the freedom it will bring along with it.

With this in mind, I thought the name of the blog was more than fitting.