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New Page: Contact

Posted in Other with tags on December 8, 2013 by Sypheara

I have finally gotten around to creating a contact page, as I mentioned in earlier posts.

Hopefully this will allow me to answer more complex questions anyone may have, and answer in a longer fashion to the curious.

Id like to highlight the following as it bears repeating:

‘Please note that I do not offer any services, be that ritual work, ensoulment of items, divination, tarot, cleansings etc for money or otherwise.

It’s important for me to concentrate on my own work and skills at the moment. Whilst I don’t rule out this in the future, for now all requests for such will be ignored for your own good as well as mine.’

The above is down to multiple reasons, but it’s simply safe to say that at the moment I don’t feel comfortable with this. Please respect this when sending messages, as I will not be responding to such requests in an affirmative manner.

Have a good one.



Sounds from the Abyss: Unearthing Forgotten Horrors

Posted in Occultism, Other with tags , , , , , , , , , on November 20, 2013 by Sypheara

I recently had the pleasure of attending Unearthing Forgotten Horrors, a night of awesome ambiental drone / noise and classic cult british horror films. I was invited by one of the bands playing, and being a fan I felt compelled to check it out.

I am glad I did. The staff, organisers, and bands really did pull out the stops and make it an enjoyable night for all, and showcased some really interesting material. I am a fan of Sun o))) and similar bands, so finding out that  local artists not only exist but play live gigs has been awesome.

Whilst I could go into reviewing the event, I’ll save the long post as this is not really the blog to do it on. The reason I mention the event is that from a purely Occult perspective, some of the bands are doing some very interesting things, similar to Cultus Sabbati to those who are familiar with that project. A notable and memorable example from just one band to illustrate is that they buried several of their electronic components used to generate the tracks, such as capacitors, in areas known to have been used as plague pits prior to use in playing/performing their tracks.

The visuals on show were also highly interesting. Some of these were more abstract than others, the powerful psychedelic imagery of Joseph Curwen and Culvers performances coming to mind from memory. I also particularly enjoyed the spoken poetry like tunes of English Heretic exploring a thematic line which revolved around witch cult leader Robert Cochrane’s suicide, coma and eventual death from Belladonna poisoning.

Suitably inspired, I created my own small tribute to the event, using a mix that was given to those who attended featuring the attendant bands. To promote them, and the weird but powerful way in which they generate their compelling sounds, I thought I would try my hand at creating my own visualisation, and contribute in my own, small way to the interesting dynamic expression on display.

I hope you enjoy!



‘Audio Relics was handed out at Unearthing Forgotten Horrors in Newcastle in November 2013. Audio Relics is a mix which combines numerous ambiental drone tracks from the attending artists to create one fearsome wall of noise.

In order of appearance…

The Psychogeographical Commission – The Lost Rivers Of London
Joseph Curwen – Edward Derby
The Dead End Street Band – Murder 1
The Psychogeographical Commission – Walking with Omega
The Dead End Street Band – Murder 2
Black Mountain Transmitter – Crawling Curse
English Heretic – Earth’s Lament to the Stars
Black Mountain Transmitter – Palimpsets
Culver – Hallucinating Hands
Temple of Sehkmet – Enochian Circuits

Mix (Audio Relics) created by Melmoth the Wanderer. More info and original track upload can be found at:

I take no credit for the music or mixing of the audio. Cheers for putting on a great night guys.’

In Closing

 For those who want to know the movies watched at the event and where some of the samples were taken from, they were ‘ The Stone Tape’ and ‘Blood on Satans Claw’.


Recommended Reading: Modern Whitewashing

Posted in Other, Paganism, Traditional Witchcraft with tags , , , , , on November 12, 2013 by Sypheara

The watering down, the ‘cleansing’ from Modern Paganism of it’s more ‘unsavory’qualities  has always bothered me. When I began my path, it was an arduous journey to find information which seemed concrete, amidst the apologetic titles which were aimed at ‘white witches’.

These information sources never seemed to relate to my personal path at all – nothing I read in them, when compared to the dreamspaces I had traveled to and the spirits I had talked to seemed to ‘fit’ in any sense. Their  portrayal of a nature or reality without its savage, dark and cruel side seemed to me to be more than simply misrepresentation.  A lie perhaps,  meant to make the content more palatable to sell more books. I feel that these false divisions, which exist purely to satisfy ourselves and our egos, do not help a modern witchcraft in any form. Denying any side(‘light’/’dark’, ‘good’/’evil’ or life and death) is simply self limitation and promotes a dangerous withholding and disarming orthodoxy.

Thankfully, it seems many others share this viewpoint, especially with publications such as Apocalyptic Witchcraft finally being produced. I was recently linked a blog post by a good friend of mine which goes into this on a much deeper level, and I share many sentiments with the person who posted it.

Despite being overly busy, I thought it was far too good to not share.  As such I will post it as it is and let it speak for itself.

I hope you all enjoy it, discussion welcomed as always.


Small update: Happy Samhain!

Posted in Divination, Necromancy, Occultism, Other, Paganism with tags , , , on October 31, 2013 by Sypheara

Hello all, a small update as promised following on from the review and the last tarot reading post. Alot has happened, for the better, thats caused me to be a very, very busy individual lately. Before I launch into it all though, I’d first like to wish you all a Happy Samhain, and hope you enjoy whatever it is you have planned. If you have nothing planned, whether recreational or work wise, then I say you are going to miss out! Its a fantastic time of year, and an important one at that.

Tarot / Personal Update

It seems that my previous reading turned out to be much more spot on than I expected. After a hard slog, and not so little faith, I have finally managed to land a job, fulfilling what I believe was the Judgement card in my favour. I have been watching out for any pitfalls, especially in my own behaviour. Controlling problematic aspects of my behaviour and demonstrating alot of patience has finally paid off, and I am now much more financially secure and free.

As such, I have moved out of my old home to stay with friends, a temporary stop gap to acquiring my own place. This is going to affect the rate of updates, but its something I have needed to do for a long while, especially with the eventual goal being complete privacy for my practice going forward into the future. This would allow me to do much deeper, powerful rituals without affecting others, and enable me to really have the space to pursue many ideas im currently still unable to.

I am keeping in mind the earlier warnings in the reading, and hopefully it will continue to work out, Hecate willing.

Observations and Projects

With a bit more freedom and more understanding people around, moving back to the city has been a really good experience. Despite more people being around and it being an environment that can in no way be described as being ‘near to nature’, it will provide a much more ideal ground for me to move forward with many areas of my life. It’s closer to friends, a more active pagan community, and is generally a nicer place to live than where i was previously based.

If you look hard enough, you also occasionally find gems hidden amongst the rough..


I haven’t positively identified this planet yet, but seeing such an interesting specimen in the heart of the city, with such impressive flowers, has sparked my interest and brought a smile to my day. Hopefully its a perennial plant, and I’ll be able to take a sample or two in the future for curiosities sake to see if the small hunch ive got is correct. Need more hands on after all, and less book learning.

However, that will have to wait. Tonight I plan to make my gift to the mighty dead and the Gods, in the form of a spirit box. Hopefully this will make a good offering, and im looking forward indeed to crafting it / presenting it at the graveyard tomorrow or the day after, depending on how the process goes. I’ll be detailing this as best as I am able, depending on what feedback I get from the spirits tonight. A picture of the box i’ll be using, along with the central quartz crystal, is pictured below.


Blog Roadmap

With all the above , the planned content for the blog has shifted. Ill still be delivering the sigil and ritual working write ups as promised, for general perusal, but it is more paramount to concentrate on my own Samhain working to ensure its correctly carried out. Once that is over with, Ill be for the short term concentrating on updating my own personal journals, which have gone neglected for too long despite the amount of ideas/sigils that are swirling around in my head since the witch mark was acquired.

Hopefully once this is done, the ritual writeup will be of interest and use to some of you out there, I do plan on posting more pictures where possible.

Have a good one,


Small Update: Next Series of Posts

Posted in Other with tags , , , , , on June 28, 2013 by Sypheara

So the last few weeks have been quite insane, both in my personal life and in my witchcraft to a degree. Whilst not all of these developments have been positive, they have certainly given me many ideas for future posts which I hope to release in a small series in the approximate following order. Please note this isn’t final. It is likely to swap and change.. but thought I’d share what I am thinking early as I’ve been neglecting my corner of the internet.

My Recent Experience with the Tarot

I am no experienced practioner when it comes to the Tarot at all, having had only a passing interest in learning the individual card meanings, methodology, and experiencing the, until until very recently.  With my first formal initiation into Hecates fold seemingly accepted and  things beginning to feel like they were internalising, I became freed of alot of my inhibitions. Feeling correspondingly empowered, I finally decided to give them a real study and do one or two basic readings under Hecates guidance.


I was very shocked to learn how accurate the readings turned out, doing three in total which revealed alot to me. These have helped me deal with a potentially very painful personal issue over the last few weeks, and because of their effectiveness and my experience, I’d love to detail this in more manner.

I’ll be working on this entry next, with corresponding pictures. Two of them taken of the actual last two readings, showing the corresponding cards. I’ll also try and detail as much as I feel comfortable the issue surrounding my use of them as its vital to understanding the effectiveness of them.

Book Review: Apocalyptic Witchcraft

Recently received another wonderful book from Scarlet Imprint, that I am in the midst of devouring in earnest.  Already from the first few chapters I can tell it really does tap into a universal thread that runs through not only my own path, but many other forms of Witchcraft and Magick i’ve studied.  It’s refreshingly written with fire and passion, and it is certainly not an unconfrontational or conformist book.

Instead, what it presents is modern witchcraft as a purified lightning rod for the spirits, outside of a specific lens or tradition. I can already tell the whole book illuminates this shared current that unites the different strains. The book firmly places itself in the modern world illustrating why witchcraft it is needed in our current age of destruction and unprecedented change more than ever, due to the modern world placing ‘a price on everything, and a value on nothing’.

To me,  it is right up there with Fosforos, and other similar illuminating works of pure genius. So I will be definetly visiting this in the near future once I have had chance to go over it in a comprehensive manner. It resonates with my own convictions, and I can definetly say that if you are on the fence and can’t wait, definetly give it a look in.

Sigilic Drawings under visualisation and compulsion

A long and probably too conceited and grandiose title on first view, its the best way I can describe what I want to cover in this coming post. I was recently part of an open working with the Temple of Ascending flame, utilising visualisation and meditation on sigils along with blood magick to strengthen a connection with my Gods.

They requested a log be kept of the results. I did so, also recording any sigils I saw in these small visions.  They seemed quite interested in what I had to show in the end, and I was encouraged to publish them in some manner. I let this mostly slide, until the other day I had a similar compulsion to draw a sigil, and I have been wondering whether to put a compilation together and show them.  However, I think it is appropriate to wait for confirmation from the Gods and Spirits to ensure this is the correct course of action out of respect. I’m also wanting to discover more of their use or meaning rather than the simple vague ideas I have now to really flesh this post out.

Hopefully this will be cleared up by the time I get round to this addition and have finished putting them all to paper in my actual logbook, as I am excited on sharing them and seeing what other people have to say about them if they can see parallels with their own work.

(Sigil below from the now unfortunately defunct TOTBL site. Highly interesting when compared with my own to come.)


Lady Datura

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So this week has been busy, little time to get on formulating part 2 of the Lines of Power post.. it is coming, I promise! In the meantime, I thought I’d post a small interim post.

I came across an interesting poem whilst reading up on Datura plants and their effects. I always been interested in researching entheogenic plants, for numerous reasons, especially ones that possess a link to darker themes and attributes.  The Daturas, and the Solanaceae in general, have always struck me as highly interesting plants not just because of the folklore and history surrounding them but also their actual physical effects, where are worlds apart from the more abused plants that induce simple euphoria.

I don’t take any credit for the following poem, I just happened to stumble across it and like it. The picture is a sculpture from a deviant art user, but unfortunately I saved it along time ago and I cannot remember who made it. Kudos to them though, it’s excellently dark.

Original link and full text:

Datura: A Dramatic Poem (extract)

by Matthew Raab

‘Many before me have died
trying to experience this emotion
The remedy for this perception
was created in this potion
The poison in her veins
didst open wide the doors
Knowledge holds the reigns
to the visionary core
Bliss has a thousand Faces
and twice as many eyes
Obtain the Sky God’s graces
then you will hold her prize
I took a three day trip
in a vehicle of Angel hair
Across the galaxy of Zen
but took no plane to get there
I landed in a State of Mind
called the land of All Serenity
The human language can’t define
the arch of this infinity
Datura! Datura! Please take me up
into your realm of fine oblivion
Let your tears fill up my cup
and bless my eyes with vision
Between this perpetual confusion
is a comfort so profound
reality bleeds into illusion
seeing voices while feeling sound
Losing the capacity to perceive
the waves that carry me through
a void I can not conceive
Has a red, subliminal view
Sound the trumpets of Heaven’s Tune!
the angels gather around
They sing until my mind is loon
I slowly let them come down.’


Doll by Majestic Thorns

The Refusal of Death Within Modern Western Society

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I recently stumbled across an interesting video on BBC News relating to georgian families visiting graveyards and holding feasts within them for their deceased family members. It was highly interesting, not really for what it said in the actual video but more the presenters reactions and the fact that this video was made as a curiosity piece in the first place.  This thought  got me remembering a topic I’ve givrn alot of consideration in the past, which is really two issues which play off of each other. So I can launch into it, I will link the video below so you can see it for yourselves.

Firstly, I just want to point out that, whilst the georgian families depicted are in fact Orthodox Christian, the practice of going to burial sites and leaving offerings, feasting with the dead, and other similar practices is nothing unique to them. It has been carried out and is carried out in many religions, and I would also contend that, in the majority of Pagan paths both new and old, the same kind of veneration is in some way present.  As such,  I’m using it to highlight modern social attitudes to the subject on a deeper level.

This ‘attitude’ that I mention is none other than the devaluing of death and its place in the world and the wool being drawn down over peoples eyes instead. This has, I would argue, had the impact of making the subject taboo within modern western culture, which has resulted in an overall unhealthy attempt to suppress it despite it  being an unescapable fact of life. In many countries, it would now be impossible to celebrate death as a part of life how the Georgians did above in the video, for the fear of being labelled strange, out of place, or macabre. I attempt to cover why I think this could be the case in this post.

My target is the modern culture we live within, which has seen seen the rise of antispiritual sentiment and suppression on a large scale. This in turn has led to a disconnection between us and our world, and this death aversion I would contend has led to a widespread psychological issue on the cultural level. To explain this, I will cover two approaches to how the universe can be seen. These are linear, cyclic respectively.

Many belief systems, especially Pagan ones, either see existence as being cyclical or incorporate some ideas from this basic concept.  An example of this  which is usually given is the natural cycle of the seasons, which can be seen demonstrated in the modern contemporary interpretation of the wheel of the year. In Wiccan belief, the common narative for the Wheel of the Year is that of the Horned God and Goddess. Horned God is born from the Goddess at Yuletide, comes of puberty at the vernal equinox, impregnates the Goddess at Beltane, reaches his full strength at the summer solstice, ages at Lammas, and  finally, dies and passes  into the underworld at Samhain. The cycle begins again, as he is once again resurrected and reborn at Yuletide to continue the cycle. These narratives and observations are seen to be the microcosm of a macrocosmic truth which asserts that the universe consists entirely of such infinite life cycles, all important to the other in eternal change.

Seen from this perspective,  it explains the approaches surrounding death within such belief systems that hold to this cyclic truth. Death is seen here as a transition not a final end, a metamorphosis of sorts.  Just like one season transitions to another, rather than nonexistence, so to does the person who has died. Whether their destination is the underworld, some form of heavenly afterlife or to be reincarnated, is usually up to the individual belief system. An example of this can be seen in the Norse concept of the Ragnarök, where the world would be destroyed,  and be remade and repopulated. Not even the Gods would be immune to the hand of change in this event, which it was said would cause  several of the major Gods (including Odin and Thor) themselves to die because of it. Even the Christians, inspired by earlier beliefs, still hold that the Earth will be eventually judged, destroyed, and then remade into a new Heaven and Earth.


In modern contemporary culture,  this is however not the prevailing case, where such interpretations were challenged by the rise of philosophical concepts that arose in the Enlightenment period such as Secular Humanism. A product of the enlightenment age, Secular Humanism is the position that human reason, and philosophical naturalism, are the basis for morality and decision making. Whilst supposedly an essential part of secular humanism is a continually adapting search for truth, it rejects completely the notion that  spirituality is essential to the human experience and that truth can be gleaned from spiritual practice.

Whilst this did have the positive effects of freeing us from the dogma that was enforced under the bootheels of a militant christianity, in the end it would end up evolving into its own ‘naturalist’ dogma  of sorts which has gone on to have a profound impact.

The cyclic model was thus slowly replaced and eroded into a new model, that instead concluded that infact fact reality was a linear construct and not cyclical, progressing along a line with a definite Beginning, and a definite End, without necessarily leading to new creation.  This, coupled with the correspoding rise in antispiritual sentiment led to a repression of the former dissenting world view. With this scale the concept of death and destruction changed,  becoming final instead of part of a cycle. This resulted  in the confrontation with Nothingness and the concept of Eternal oblivion.

Faced with the meaningless of life and the concept of eternal oblivion, the philosophy of Existentialism was born, which posits that an individual is responsible for imposing their meaning onto their own lives in what is essentially, an apparently meaningless, insane and absurd universe. A world that began without cause, and will end without cause, with the only meaning in a  persons life being defined by the individuals themselves.  For many, this position leads to that of Existential Nihilism, where the intrinsic meaning given by an individual is not sufficient to replace the fact that life has no intrinsic meaning or value. It is well summed up by a section of text from “The Specter of the Absurd: Sources and Criticisms of Modern Nihilism” by  Donald A. Crosby. “Strut, fret, and delude ourselves as we may, our lives are of no significance, and it is futile to seek or to affirm meaning where none can be found.”


When faced with such a bleak outlook, its not surprising such a taboo regarding death slowly seeped into western culture. No longer was it a  transitory stage, but the extinguishing of a person. It became something to be shunned, something to be not looked at or investigated, in a a way that ironically smacks of  superstitious fear. Don’t talk about it, don’t invoke it. By being out of sight and out of mind, the concept of Eternal Oblivion hangs like a spectre over many today whose only answer to it is that they ‘choose not to think about it’ and shove their heads into the sand in terror. From this, it’s also not surprising to see that in such modern ‘advanced’ cultures that things such as harmful live for the moment  lifestyles,  widespread ecological damage in the name of profit, and a false belief in transcendental technological salvation come about alongside sky rocketing suicide rates, amidst a growing cloud of unrelenting cynicism and depression.

However, Man is not cast adrift into life like a shipwreck survivor onto an island, who can only ‘make do’ with his woeful fate and  stamp his feet in anger and nash his teeth until death claims him. This thought is nothing short of modern psychosis. I hope one day people can see this, and that scenes such as these shown by the BBC from Georgia could occur in my own ‘fair country’ of England’, instead of being seen as some weird, alien ritual that we seem to be incapable of understanding.

I  wish I could express the same desire publicly as they do, I wish others could even approach the subject with seriousness and not disgrace the memory of their dead by forgetting they ever existed.

I’ m not holding my breath.

Some Useful Resources

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Hello there readers, following on from my post yesterday I thought it was prudent to post only a small, but very necessary update to the blog.

This update is a new page that can be found on the right, called Links. In the vein of the page itself, it was made to show some of the many sources that I have drawn inspiration from in my research and learning, from books, websites and talking to other pagans and occultists.

On it hopefully you will find some links to the most useful and interesting web resources I’ve managed to find which have been of great help to my own practice.

The page will invariably grow as I find more places and remember those I’ve shamefully forgotten.

Hope you all have a great day.

Under construction..

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‘I need no more brightness :
I am the night and the shadows,
I am the field when pain is the seed.
Flores noctis sumus atque alas pandimus,
In profundis tenebrarum.
Solus halitus emanans penna speculae,
Quam expellit folium mortis.
Shatter the stars,
Drag out the light,
And drown it in the deepest seas of my mind’

Actual content coming soon….